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Smith RV and Marine Tournament

Please get registered for the 2nd Annual Smith RV & Marine Open, here is a link to their webpage to download an entry form.

Lake Amistad and TPWD fizzing video

Shawn Denny sent all of us a great video on fizzing Largemouth Bass from TPWD at Lake Amistad. The link follows and I know I will go back to side fizzing as it definitely seems the better method. You can access the video by clicking here.

Fan Favorites

I received a thank you email from Laura during last years Championship and thought I would share it with all of you. The website has proven to be a great means of communications for anglers like Buddy and Mary Sanford who missed their first championship after 26 years of attendance and Jeff and Sheri Jorde but also friends of anglers and friends of friends of anglers. The thank you goes as this...

"Several friends compete in your organization. Wish I was one.

With all the violence on the border we begin to look for other alternatives.
I look forward to getting information from angelers on Grand Lake.

I'm emailing to thank you for the update. I know it takes time from retieing
lures and gathering info from fellow competitors that can be critical to
your next fishing day.

Your organization continues to change as any living thing does.
Congratulation to the officers and members who overcome the political nature
of a club and the present economy.

Just a simple thanks and to let you know I am one of your fans of the
Suncountry Bass Association."

I know Ranger boats is instrumental in keeping this circuit together but at least we know all of us have built a little more into it over the years.

New Web Site Launched

Welcome to your new website, we hope you find it informational and helpful. We encourage your input towards making it even better so please contact a director to give any and all thoughts towards improvement. A special thanks to my friend Ryan Fritz at RYNO Technologies as his input and the addition of some analytics should prove very helpful to all of our sponsors.

Ranger Cup, Click here


Welcome to the Sun Country Bass Web Site


I was informed this morning that Randy Massucci's wife Tandy passed away this morning from complications during surgery on her heart. Randy has fished with us for years and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I will post more details as they are known but please keep Randy in your prayers.


I have posted the Entry Form, Rules and Contestant's Letter in the Membership Section. Please read the rules and get the information in by deadline dates. If you are fishing the SIT with someone other than your SCBA partner you must first get approval from myself or Joe Smith. We will weigh each request with the utmost consideration but under the circumstances of fishing a tournament during our pre-fish it is important to make sure no one is fishing with guides or others who can give them a competitive advantage.

The Ramada Inn at Del Rio will be the host hotel and all meetings will be there, they are offering a special rate for Sun Country teams of 69 dollarsper night. Please make your reservations through the hotel at (830)7751511 and tell them you are with Sun Country.

Congratulations to Kevin Smith and the guys on the Smith RV and Marine 3rd annual tournament. A lot of Sun Country teams and members finished in the Top 10 and Kenny Hansel and Bob Lechel won the first place boat. Championship is just around the corner and the Del Rio Chamber of Commerce and the Ramada Inn in Del Rio will be hosting the meetings and meals for Championship. Full packets and details will go out next week. Off limits will start at sundown on the 1st of September and pre fish will start at sunrise on the 19th of September. Look forward to seeing one in about 6 weeks.


Elephant Butte

I am not sure if it was the late spawn or the falling water but to say fishing was tough would be an understatement. Conditions are conditions and all have to fish in them but with that said OH Ivie is looking good for next year to replace the Butte. More importantly congrats to John Newlun and Jimmy Patterson on their First place finish as well as their not taking the back door into thier second consecutive AoY. What a statement finish for them with 10.50 pounds as they edged out the return of Buddy and Mary Sanford who had 10.44 pounds who edged out Mario Carreon and Joe Gamboa with 10.40 pounds. Did I tell you Buddy and Mary also had Big Bass at 3.90 pounds and Mario and Joe finished in first for Ranger Cup. Randell Bell and Mike Bailey took Fourth place with 8.76 pounds while Byron Heiser fishing without partner Keith Counts finished Fifth with 8.59 pounds. Just out of the money was Mike Tweedy and Dudley Hardin with 8.08 pounds.


I have posted the Ranger Cup totals and although Byron and Keith don't have Ranger Cup AoY locked it will take quite some finishes to knock them out of the top spot. As I said John Newlun and Jimmy Patterson have won AoY honors but the Top 5 and the 21 teams who qualified for Super Team at Championship are posted also. All results are unofficial as I will have to go through them and make sure I haven't missed anyone. Kevin Rodriquez reminded me I missed them at the first Amistad Tournament which moved all the blanks down one point which shuffled the numbers a little.


Results are posted in the Tournament Section as well as Super Team and Ranger Cup results.


Navajo May

I have updated the Super Team standings thru Navajo and although John and Jimmy will have to show up and catch a fish they are most definitely in the drivers seat for AoY.

Although many may feel going to Navajo supporting the Queens Memorial is difficult because the locals know the lake so well we all know that isn't always the case. Well The Solversons (Jeff and Justin) from Colorado Springs, Colorado and the Colantonios (Butch and Angie) from Amarillo, Texas took first and second places proving that theory out. Jeff and Justin took a small lead Saturday and had a limit before motor troubles forced a tow to the Marina on Sunday where they managed to improve the limit just north of the bouy line ensuring a 2 pound victory with 19.17 pounds. Butch and Angie covered the lake finishing second with 17.01 pounds and two young men from Farmington with all the enthusiasm in the world (reminding me why we do it) took third place honors at 16.45 pounds, Big Bass and Ranger Cup. I wish you all could have been at awards to see their faces as the checks and plaques rolled in. John Newlun fished alone as Jimm Patterson is recovering from a vehicle accident and maintained his top 10 streak and may have locked Angler of the Year again for him and Jimmy finishing 4th. Johnny Johnson and Gabe Rivera rounded out the Top 5 in 5th place with 14.85 pounds and John Newlun with 15.44 pounds. Results are posted in the Tournament Section and Super Team results will be up later this week.


Ute April

We may have actually hit a new record!! Not only did we have decent weather as the cold front didn't actually hit until we were trying to print checks and pass out awards, but the fishing was actually really good for all three days if you count pre-fish. Thanks to Ray Gorman and Jimmy Liles for picking up the lake permit and arranging for us to meet at the American Legion. Now onto the fishing report. Kevin Rodriguez and Dougan Anderson found a pattern that might hold until the Logan Big Bass tournament in 3 weeks so I am not going to give out details but suffice it to say they had it dialed in. 2 days and almost 22 pounds and there was never an ounce of doubt as we saw them around 11am on Sunday and they had 3 fish and showed no concern. The nearest competitors were over 5 pounds back so it seemed easy for sure. Second place went to the Solversons (Jeff and Justin) out of Colorado Springs (blame the Gizzi's as they told them about the circuit) with 16.70 pounds edging out Butch and Angie Colantonio with 16.28 pounds who beat out Billy Dunson and Nolan Price by .02 pounds because of a dead fish on Sunday. Fifth place was rounded out by Jimmy Patterson and John Newlun with 15.44 pounds. Ranger Cup winners were Byron Heiser and Keith Counts with 14.58 pounds. Big Bass went to Chris Pierce and Tyler Decker with a 3.38 pound Largemouth but a lot of quality 2 and 3 pound Smallies were weighed in. 210 fish were weighed in over the 2 days and i know plenty of teams dumped and headed home to beat the storm on Sunday with only 2 dead. Great job on protecting that fishery. Complete standings are posted on the Tournament Page. Updated Super Team standings are posted also.

Don't forget about the Logan Big Bass tournament on May third and our next tournament will be at Navajo on May 17th and 18th in conjunction with the Queen's Memorial helping Farmington Little League teams.

Amistad March

Super Team is posted, I apologize I thought I did it before I went to Las Vegas to cheer on the Lobos. I just got off the phone with Paul Chynoweth and he let me know that Chris Neel, a long time friend and Sun Country angler passed away after a 5 week battle with cancer last night. It becomes ever more apparent as the years go along, that the friendships we have all made as a result of this sport and throughout life's adventures are special. Paul and Chris were going to fish the Amistad tournaments this year but he was aching and not feeling well so they didn't make them. Time is short and I appreciate all of you and the friendships that have grown over the years. Chris was a long time member of the Duke City Bass Bums and I know they will all miss him also.

Friday Pre-fish was decent enough and Saturday was almost too hot (91 degrees on the thermometer) but Sunday was typical for Sun Country! It went from needing a little wind to who pissed off mother nature. Fishing seems to be improving but with front after front coming through the fish are definitely confused. As usual some teams figured it out and others are still wondering where Amistad got moved to. Todd Town and Cecil Carter weighed in a strong sack on Saturday (over 16 pounds) so we know fish are there but two days in a row is tough unless your name is Randy Allen and Brendan Kennell or John Newlun and Jimmy Patterson. The new team fishing with us had two strong days to edge out John Newlun and Jimmy Patterson for first place with 23.67 pounds to 23.57 for John and Jimmy, while Todd and Cecil hung onto third with 23.14 pounds. Jimmy Liles bought a Ranger Boat and he and Ray Gorman finished 4th in it so if you want a top 5 finish talk to Kevin Smith or Jim Criswell about a Ranger boat for your next tournament. Kevin Smith and Karlton Reed finished 5th in his new Ranger and Bob Howard and Dustin Lester took sixt place and Josh Tidenberg and Bradley Jameson finished 7th. Adrian Yeo and Mike Cones showed that a 2 fish limit beats most 5 fish limits by weighing in Big Bass for the weekend again with an 8.55 pounder on Saturday but I am sure they want a full sack next time to go with the big one. Complete Standings are posted on the Tournament Page and I will catch up Super Team and Ranger Cup later in the week.

Amistad February

Sunday was less than cooperative with rain and a lot of wind so Saturdays results made for the final standings. Congrats to Tyler Vann Young , maybe its the boat but I have to believe he can fish after the weight he put up of 11.46 pounds. Second place went to Byron Heiser and Keith Counts with 11.13 pounds third and fourth both put up 10 plus pounds with Trent Huckaby and Bubba Harrelson in third and newcomers Randy Allen and Brendan Kennell in fourth. 3 teams had 9 plus pounds as it was great to see Adrian Yeo after his battle with cancer last year and he and Mike Cones took Big Bass with an 8.31 as well as fifth place, Justin Morris and Kris Bosley in sixth and Jim and Gail Criswell finished in seventh. Tough fishing proved out with 13 teams blanking and some less than stellar weights although 8 limits were weighed and 3 teams actually culled. Thanks to all the teams that showed up for this early tournament. Complete results can be found on the tournament page.


Schedule Update

Eventually a decision has to be made and it will effect some but here I go.

Feb 1st and 2nd Amistad

Mar 1st and 2nd Amistad

April 12th and 13th Ute Lake

May 17th and 18th Navajo (Queens Memorial)

June 21st and 22nd Elephant Butte

September 21st thru 26th TBA (if Amistad we will open pre-fish on the 19th because of SIT)

I apologize for the confusion but I was brain dead on Easter and Fathers Day and this fixes both and hopefully will help Ute during an off time and the Butte fishes good in June.

This skips July and the Smith RV and Marine tournament is on August 2nd. We conflict with some club stuff for sure but it leaves UBTT and Federation open for those that fish multiple circuits and gets us done before October.

Send me your pictures and I will be sure to post them for all to see.